Just seen on Facebook:
It seems that Dull, Scotland and Boring, Oregon are now sister cities. The Mail Online explains:

The idea of bringing the two places together emerged after Elizabeth Leighton, from Grandtully, in Perthshire, passed through the U.S. town while on a cycling holiday.
She then decided to share the news of her exciting discovery with her Dull friend Emma Burtles and chairman of the Boring Community Planning Organisation Steve Bates.
Mr Bates was interested in exploring the possibility of developing a relationship between Dull and Boring and he put together a plan to invite those living in Dull to take on 'Sister Community' status when Boring Planning Organisation meets in June.
Confirming the move, Dull community councillor Marjorie Keddie received a 'Declaration of Sistership' from the logging town in Oregon on Thursday.

This is wonderful! Now if they could just get Stale, Poland and Bland, Missouri to join with them, they might really have something.