Now that I have hit fifty, being healthy has become one of my major preoccupations. The following infographic from Weight Loss Foods is a sobering reminder of the need for me--and most people--to lose weight.

I saw this photo on Facebook, and I just love it. Her happiness and life is such an inspiration.
The Health Blog has an interesting post regarding weight gain in middle age. In short, a new study shows that if you maintain a habit of moderate to high levels of physical activity from your youth, you will have an easier time keeping weight off when you are older. An excerpt:

“These results suggest that maintaining higher activity levels during young adulthood may lessen weight gain as young adults transition to middle age,” the researchers write. “Our results reinforce the role of physical activity in minimizing weight gain and highlight the value of incorporating and maintaining at least 30 minutes of activity into daily life throughout young adulthood.”

While intuitively this had to be true, it is nice seeing a study which buttresses that hunch with facts.